BioLite Outdoor Useful Gadgets

In the olden days there is no useful gadgets found, The Neanderthals would celebrate when fire was successfully started.

Hundreds of thousands of years later.

It seems like we might have finally come full circle in rejoicing at the sight of fire.

Modern Age Useful Gadgets Fire-Powered Electricity

In this modern day and age, people greatly feel lost when faced with an ambiance of electricity.

Having no phones means losing your connection in modern world.

Which equates to a technological darkness.

Thermo electric technology generates electricity from heat and introduces useful gadgets such as.

Introducing the BioLite stove – USB charger and the VOTO fire cell phone charger.


1. By regulating the flow of air through fuel, the high-temp steel fuel chamber gassifies wood and promotes clean combustion.

2. Jets circulate air throughout the fuel chamber.

3. A copper probe regulates the flow of heat to the thermoelectric generator.

4. A lightweight screen protects hot metal surfaces.

5. The power module houses a thermoelectric generator, converting heat to electricity.

It also contains a small microprocessor which manages the flow of power both to the fan and USB port.

6. The anodized aluminum legs fold in for compact storage.

7. The USB port provides 2W of power at 5V, charging devices from LED lights to smartphones, more info.

In case of power failure you won’t have to get angry at life.

Never worry about losing your tablet’s battery again during emergencies or when you’re out in the wilderness as long as you have access to thermo electric technology.

The Benefits of BioLite Camp Stove

The BioLite CampStove combines the benefits of both an advanced stove and an off grid power charger.

BioLite is more cost effective and compact than the competition, and offers unique social and environmental benefits as well.

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