Cool Tech Gadgets Top 5 Exiting Gadgets

Top 5 Cool Tech Gadgets

1. Cool Tech Gadgets 3D Printers

3D cool tech gadgets printing is already causing waves, with the technology being used in dozens of industries across the world including clothing, engineering and medicine.

Using technology which maps out an object, the cool tech gadgets printers then layer thin slices of plastic or other materials on top of each other to create a 3D object.

Cool Tech Gadgets Top 5 Exiting Gadgets

It is hoped that 3D cool tech gadgets printers can provide cheap and quick production, possibly providing solutions to problems such as forensic investigations.

Some companies, such as RepRap, are trying to produce 3D printers available for home use, as most are only used in industrial or commercial settings.

2. Cool Tech Gadgets Samsung Galaxy S4

Samsung unveiled their new Android phone earlier this month in New York, and are expecting it to outsell Apple’s products.

Among new feature is the cool tech gadgets Samsung Galaxy S4’s remote technology which allows users to control functions without touching the screen.

Smart pause means people can pause a video by looking away from the screen, while smart scroll lets users scroll through emails without touching the screen, the S4 detecting the movements of the eyes and wrist.

Users can also change music tracks or accept a call with a simple wave of a hand.

The Galaxy S will be rolled out globally at the end of April, and will be available on several different contracts.

3. Cool Tech Gadgets Google Glass

This highly anticipated piece of technology will allow wearers to have a hands-free technological experience.

While you wear the cool tech gadgets lightweight glasses, you can use your voice to command them to take pictures, record video, send messages, find directions and translate your speech.

The glasses connect to the Internet and use Google’s services to create a cool tech gadgets hands-free smartphone, right in front of your eyes.

Google are testing the product on a lucky few who applied to be cool tech gadgets Glass Explorers, but they will be released to a wider audience soon.

4. Cool Tech Gadgets PaperTab

Combining the flexibility of paper with the endurance of digital, Cool Tech Gadgets PaperTab is set to change the way we work on documents.

PaperTab only allows the user to open one thing at a time, but have several papers.

This means users can do things like share PDFs just by tapping two tablets together, fast-forward during a video by bending the display, and opening emails by touching two displays together.

Unfortunately, the device is still in construction and there has been no word on a release date or a price.

5. Cool Tech Gadgets Samsung Flexible OLED Display

Ever since we first saw those cool tech gadgets flexible OLED displays by Samsung we’ve been wondering when we might see them used in an actual product.

As in a handheld device one can actually buy and use.

Well, perhaps those days are nearing as Samsung just showed off its bendy panels during its CES keynote.

The potential of the company’s Youm flexible panels, as they are called, was demonstrated both in conceptual videos and on a prototype device.

One of the possible uses for a flexible display panel is on a tablet that can be folded in half, thus becoming a smartphone that one can fit in their pocket.

Another way to take advantage of this cool tech gadgets technology is to have a smartphone with a screen extending to the sides where notifications can be displayed even when the handset is lying down on a flat surface.

Of course, these are merely possibilities rather than practical real-world applications of the Youm flexible screens.

But since we know that this innovative tech is almost ready for prime time, it will be interesting to see what kind of smartphones and tablets Samsung and other OEMs might implement bendable screens in.

In addition to all this, Samsung made the announcement of another display technology it is currently working on.

It is called cool tech gadgets Green LCD and it has been developed with power efficiency in use.

According to Samsung, the new tech requires 25% less energy to operate, although what kind of displays the Green LCD is being compared to isn’t clear.

Samsung hinted that we might one day see a 10.1-inch Green LCD screen in use on a mobile device.

source: Samsung; photos courtesy of Engadget


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