3D Gadgets ZEUS – World’s First 3D Gadgets All-In-One Printer Machine

The Next Generation of 3D Gadgets Technology

Isn’t it be great to buy a 3D gadgets printer, take out of the box, plug it in, and be able to use it right away.

The same way with any electronics gadgets around such as TVs and computer?

3D Gadgets ZEUS - World's First 3D Gadgets All-In-One Printer Machine

The 3D gadgets ZEUS does not only have the most functions, features and assets to fulfill your wildest imaginations.

The final results is a stunningly beautiful product that has been matched with the structure, intelligence, performance, and user experience the gadgets printing community has been looking for.

3D Gadgets ZEUS - World's First 3D Gadgets All-In-One Printer Machine

 High Quality 3D Gadgets Performance

The ZEUS 7-inch touchscreen gives the machine a welcoming look and the gadgets frame is made from aluminum structure, powder coated in a moonstone white, with black anodized side panel.


Layer Resolution: 100 microns 200 & 300 options available for faster prints

Build and Scan Volume – 26cm x 18cm x 15cm

Material compatibility – PLA 1.75mm

One Machine, Four functions (Scan, Print, Copy, Fax)

Affordability – Saving cost by using one platform for multiple purposes

Space efficiency – No cable connections from a computer

100% compatibility – Scanner and printer are adjusted and calibrated, so they can work together without problems.

Flexibility – Print any 3D model from a CAD program, 3D scanner, or an online marketplace.

This gadgets has Automatic Mesh Repair for a 3D model to be printable, it has to be watertight without any holes.

A sophisticated software automatically fills missing points cloud data and repair broken mesh to eliminated what would have been a painstaking and time consuming manual correction

More Accurate 3D Gadgets Scanning

The laser combined with the 360 degree turn table is able to produce 800+ scans per side.

The HD camera is able to get 1000 points per scan line.

It means that this gadgets is able to produce millions of 3D points.

The machine has Multi-Purpose Platform, Pre-assembled, Integrated Software and Onboard-computer.


Ashish Soni – Advisor & Mentor of USC Viterbi Startup Garage,

Laurent Itti – Advisor & Mentor,

Wei-Min Shen – Director of Polymorphic Robotics Laboratory,

Simon Vallejo – Finelight Entertainment,

John Sundermeyer – Pull Creative,

Stephanie Hoffer – MAX STUDIO

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