Robots American Army for the Future | New Documentary

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Robots American Army for the Future! Documentary of the American Army… The company already wowed the world three years earlier when it produced its quadraped BigDog robot for the US military. Billed as the most advanced quadruped “robots” on Earth, BigDog was devised to support American troops by carrying up to four packs of equipment… Read More »

Solar Keyboard Review


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Solar Keyboard Solar power keeps your keyboard charged and ready—even indoors. Wireless Solar Keyboard HD (Logitech) Powered by light—inside and out Say good-bye to battery hassles, this wireless solar keyboard is powered by any light—low light and lamp light, indoors and out. Fully charged, it works for at least three months—even in total darkness.  … Read More »

3D Gadgets ZEUS - World's First 3D Gadgets All-In-One Printer Machine

3D Gadgets ZEUS – World’s First 3D Gadgets All-In-One Printer Machine

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The Next Generation of 3D Gadgets Technology Isn’t it be great to buy a 3D gadgets printer, take out of the box, plug it in, and be able to use it right away. The same way with any electronics gadgets around such as TVs and computer? The 3D gadgets ZEUS does not only have the… Read More »

Technology - Smartphone Technology For The Blind

Technology – Smartphone Technology For The Blind

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Latest Technology For The Blinds Here comes the Smartphone Technology that can change the lifestyle of all the blinds. The technology that can read sms, emails, graphics and images. It also has so many features the same with the regular smartphone, nothing new? and the technology design for the blind. How Does This Smartphone Tech… Read More »

Bio Lite


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BioLite Outdoor Useful Gadgets In the olden days there is no useful gadgets found, The Neanderthals would celebrate when fire was successfully started. Hundreds of thousands of years later. It seems like we might have finally come full circle in rejoicing at the sight of fire. Modern Age Useful Gadgets Fire-Powered Electricity In this modern… Read More »

Samsung Camera ST150F

New Camera – Samsung ST150F New Camera 2013

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Samsung ST150F New Camera 2013 Having with your new camera and taking pictures is no longer just about capturing moments. People want to be able to share those captures moment as well. All manufacturers are responding to this phenomenon by adding sharing capability and internet connectivity to their compact new cameras to compete with new… Read More »


Gadgets and Gear – Smartphone Bracelet Gadgets and Gear Smile EmoPulse

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Gadgets and Gear Smartphone Bracelet Every day the market there are sophisticated in gadgets and gear with new and useful functions. Among these is the world’s first smartphone from the company. Smartphone wristband is attached to the wrist, and in addition to the standard functions of the phone also monitors the health status of its… Read More »

Gadgets PUK Code - How To Unlock SIM Card

Gadgets PUK Code – How To Unlock Gadgets PUK Code SIM Card

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Gadgets PUK Code For Sim Card Blocked Is your mobile phone SIM blocked? Is it asking for a PUK code? Unlocking Gadgets PUK Code, Has your mobile phone stopped working? Did you enter an incorrect pin number too many times? Is it showing a Locked SIM message? Does it ask for a Gadgets PUK Code? If… Read More »

Future Gadgets - C-Thru Smoke Diving Helmet

Future Gadgets – C-Thru Smoke Diving Helmet Future Gadgets

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Future Gadgets of Fire Fighting Equipment C-Thru future gadgets is a helmet that is designed to help firefighter walk through dense smoke during smoke diving search and rescue missions. Time constrain of six minutes per mission, makes it imperative that the gear is optimal. C-thru gives them the edge thanks to the wire-frame vision of… Read More »

iris security

World Technology Security Roadmap – World Information World Technology

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Security World Technology N2NSecure: Provide a novel mix of world information and knowledge in its development world technology roadmap for little, medium and huge enterprise customers. Physical world managers today are concerned with more than just installing access controls and cameras. Our purchasers need these world technology roadmaps to handle a large style of environments.… Read More »